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Muzzle training

Muzzle training

Muzzle training should be a must have skill for all breeds of dog, from tiny breeds right through to the giant breeds. People have this crazy idea that muzzles are just for aggressive dogs, which is a complete misconception. they can also be used for stressed or injured dogs that need care or for dogs that like to eat anything and everything including poop.

How to train your dog to wear a muzzle

Things you will:

    • A muzzle (Basket or Baskerville)

    • A cone

    • A bucket or something similar (a 1kg yogurt tub)

    • Tasty treats

    1. Whist being sat down, place the bucket between your knees

    2. As soon as your dog comes over to inspect the bucket, throw a treat straight into the bucket for your dog to eat

    3. Toss one of the tasty treats on the floor to reset your dog

    4. Repeat number the above

    5. As soon are your dog is physically moving forward and putting their head into the bucket, you can then start to add a cue word like the cue muzzle

    6. Change the bucket and get the cone and start again from to step 1 but using the cone

    7. As soon as your dog is happy and relaxed with the cone you can then change it for the muzzle and start again from step 1

    8. Once your dog is moving forward towards the muzzle, keep using your cue and reward with treats and put them inside the muzzle

    9. Toss one of the tasty treats on the floor to reset your dog

    10. Swap between using the bucket, the cone and the muzzle but remember do this whilst using your cue word of muzzle


    11. Once this new behaviour is consistent, you can then begin to build the duration of how long your dog places its muzzle in the muzzle, bucket and cone

    12. Begin to fasten the muzzle for small periods of time and reward with your treats whilst your dog is wearing it. (Primula cheese is great for this)


    13. Now practice using your cue word so your dog will come over to you and place their muzzle straight into the muzzle

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