Insured to train xl bullies with Pet business insurance.

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Qualified and Experienced

You may have bought training books and spent a fortune on various recommended dog training equipment – all of it promised to fix the problem, but – at Boots And Paws Dog Training we know – it didn’t. Whether it’s aggression to people, other dogs or even cats, our respected training system offers a gentle, ...

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Dog Training & Behaviour

All training is reward based and ethical, No aversive equipment used


  • By appointment only
  • 24/7 availability
  • Bike parking available
  • Good for children
  • Parking available


Jennifer Hannaford
Sarah is fantastic and I would highly recommend using her! She has a fantastic breadth of knowledge, not only around the behaviour of dogs but the background of various breeds, the trigger signs and the reasons they do what they do! Sarah has a really lovely personality and attitude which put me and my dog at ease straight away!. My dog responded really well to all of Sarah’s commands and I was able to easily pick up what Sarah was teaching me and what I needed to look out for. She was great at asking which commands I used as well as what praise cues I used so that she could do the same which, while this seems a minor detail, meant a lot!. Thank you for being so fab Sarah!!