Insured to train xl bullies with Pet business insurance.

Terms and Conditions

Now contactable via WhatsApp 07562 344998.

*****Cancellation Policy*****

Whilst I love my chosen career, it is still the way that I earn my living and as such have to charge money for my time and expertise. My rates are very reasonable especially for people with such experience and academic qualifications. As a Sole Trader it is important that I am able to continue my work to help your Dogs. Whilst I am aware that many of you do not cancel or make arrangements via cancellations, some have not.

The cancellation Policy is as follows;

Please give at least 24hrs notice if you cannot attend training.

Cancellation fees apply to 121s, classes and 121 packages.

Cancellations fees must be paid before attending the next session

Payment must be made in advance for the first session due to no shows.

Thank you for your understanding.

Payments must be made in advance to secure your session.

No check chains or aversive equipment will be allowed in classes or with 121 training. We only use science based none aversive methods. Anyone seen hitting or aversely correcting their dog will be given 1 warning and if this happens again you will be asked to leave and not come back.

Classes are fun and relaxed and we work at the puppies pace, please bring plenty of tasty treats and a toy (I.e tug rope, ball ect), water and poop bags (please pick up your puppies poop)

Please note that if the weather is too hot, heavy rain, gale force winds or aversive weather then, 121s or classes may get cancelled and rescheduled.

Puppies are allowed to interact before and after class, and occasionally during class. Puppies will be given breaks.

Puppies must be fit and healthy and had their full set of vaccinations as we are outdoors

Owners, please do not attend if you are unwell or are showing any symptoms of Covid19.

Refunds will be charged a £25 administration fee on all training, including packages. If you have already had the training then no refunds will be given.

Any issues or questions then please email [email protected]